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Claire's got one goal - to spend time with her best friend Jamie after school. 

Nothing's going to get in the way of that.

Made in two weeks for VN Cup.


This game is not suited for children or those who are easily disturbed.

This game contains the following:

Discussions of abuse and bullying.

Discussions of murder.


Strong language.

Tech support: gg8473.help@gmail.com

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(48 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Dark, Gay, Lesbian, LGBT, Ren'Py, Short, Yuri
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen


WalkintheSun-1.2-pc.zip 256 MB
WalkintheSun-1.2-mac.zip 223 MB
walkinthesun-android 243 MB

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i had goosebumps from the first radio broadcast and they never went away.

- are they lovers?

- worse


Let's GO, we love fucked up murder lesbians in this house


hi this game has been rotating in my head for literal weeks now. 

first off the atmosphere of the entire game is so tense, which really adds to the overall suspense. like i dont think i could look away even once wondering what might come next and taking in every detail. (love the fact her class is studying romeo and juliet btw lmao)

claire ruins me. overall both characters are really well realized despite how short the VN is. but the complete sacrifice of self, how she personally feels, her interests, and more all in pursuit of someone else who she idealizes...good. the burning the memory into her mind and the part about how despite whats about to happen all she can focus on is how close physically they are...i might go insane. (side note: love that the gay experience is so similar...shared pain bc ive had the scene in her room with the toys happen to me back in school with a girl i liked LOL so that scene really hit me, definitely my favorite. really contrasts them well tyty)

god i have more to say but id literally be here all day and ive already screamed to you once. it ends perfectly as well, perfect moment to cut. thank you for making this !!


i discovered and played this after this was cited as an inspiration fur a VN i was following!

that was a really neat expurrience!! i loved the art style, the usage of things being censored/blocked out, and the repetition of the choices- i really felt fur claire the whole time, all the anxiety and doubts...

i think my favorite was the scenes where claire was trying two burn a memory intwo her head- i deal with a lot of dissociation so i have two burn memories intwo my head like that often! it just feels very... human! that, and "if i acknowledge it, that means it's true, and i don't want it two be true"...

i despurrately wanted meowre when it ended, though it was meowstly beclaws i didn't quite fully understand what exactly happened that was making claire so antsy abt "what happened on tuesday"? i assume she killed someone, but i dont know fur certain and i suck at reading in between the lines ehehe...

i'd really love two read meowre of yewr works if yew efur decide two make meowre!! 




This was a very engaging read! There are so many little details you can pull from Jamie and Claire's mannerisms, Claire in particular is very well rounded and intriguing. The filtered backgrounds also do the overall atmosphere a huge favour. I def wouldn't mind reading a longer version of this.


First and foremost, I love the visual styling of this VN.  The font, the interface, the portraits, the CGs and effects applied thereto—all of it is airtight, heheheh.  The effect near the beginning during the roll call scene especially is a nice touch, as is the red static effect.

Second, the use of auto-advancing text for interruptions and racing thoughts in particular is quite well executed, I feel.  I'm partial to using that effect in the same way in my own works, so it made me smile to see it here and to see it done so adroitly, heheh.

And last but certainly not least, the character writing really shines in this VN.  Jamie and Claire alike are vivid, believable, and strongly developed, and the minor & off-screen characters are solid, too!  Indeed, the codependency is almost TOO realistic, heh.

All of that is to say, excellent work, Becky~  I'm very eager to see what you make in the future!


i really liked this, claire understands, i think my favorite were the scenes about driving jamies car/trying 2 burn a memory into your head by replaying it over and over



For such a short VN there's a lot I want to say. First off, I love Claire. You did such a good job with her characterization and getting us to feel what it's like inside her head. I think my favorite moments were right at the very end in that scene with Jamie where she's ecstatic the two of them are so close physically despite what the conversation is about, and earlier when Jamie asks if she plays with toys, and the sharp, ringing panic that I could actually feel.

Claire's visceral desperation for Jamie to like her and her penchant to convince herself everything is 100% fine, despite the fact that she's realistically probably a cuple days/hours away from being discovered is... just great. It's everything I'd want from a character like her.

Also I smiled every time I saw her ":D" sprite. It really conveys everything and it makes me say "she face!!!" every time.

Jamie's also great in that way where you can't fully read her, at least to me it's unclear how much of what she says is genuine, especially with her reaction there at the end, but she's definitely the kind of girl someone like Clair would fawn over.

That final scene though. I've read a lot of storis and VNs where at some point I'm like "aaaaand cut, come on, this is the perfect scene to cut it" and this is the rare time where the scene cuts, the credits roll and I wanted to slam my fists on the table, but in a good way. That was the PERFECT time to cut it, even if it drives me up the wall a little bit.

Anyway, that's to say, I really like your VN and I love how much you accomplished with so little text and time. Jamie and Claire especially are gonna live rent free in my head from now on, and I always appreciate that from a story. You can bet I'm gonna give you a follow and read anything else you post in the future, because this was a really good time!!


ah thank you so much for your comment and that you enjoyed this! ;w; it's been a delight to see people's reactions.

I'm happy you liked the toy scene - since it was the first scene to be written and my favorite as well!

The ending! It felt like a cardinal VN sin to cut it there - but when it calls for it, you have to end it.

Thanks again for taking the time to play, and look forward to more VNs in future!


What an atmospheric story! The filtered photo bgs work really well, I love all the ominous sound effects, and the writing is really charming. I'm going to presume, based on the usage of 'mam' and the like, that the story takes place in Ireland?

The relationship between Claire and Jamie is well-realised too; you can really feel Claire's desperation to be liked. Her anxious thoughts and tendency to overthink all feel very #relatable.

I enjoyed it a lot, I think you did a great job! This story really is a gem! <3

Thank you for leaving such a kind comment ;w; I'm happy Claire's... teenage desperateness came off well! She's charming in her own way.

And yes, it does take place in Ireland!