Thank you for the 500+ downloads! + Announcement

Hello again! It's been a few.

Earlier this month, Walk in the Sun reached 500 downloads (and almost 600 at time of writing).  When creating this for the VN Cup, I only had the goal in mind of finishing. I never put thought into if anyone would actually hit download! Never mind 500 people.  For a EVN with no marketing and several blunders on my own part when setting up the itchio page -  I'm happy with the response and thankful to everyone who's played <3

To celebrate - new cover art has been made featuring Claire o7

Alongside a quick doodle of the two girlos

And for the announcement...

trophies is the next project underway! It's shaping up to be a supernatural, psychological thriller EVN. With weirder girls in weirder worlds.

It's currently in the middle of planning and writing - please look forward to it! I'm aiming for an end-of-summer release.

Until next time o7

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Congrats!!! The game definitely deserves 500 downloads and much more, it was a blast to play and I loved the characters. And I'm very excited for your next project!!!!

HUGE CONGRATS ON 500 DOWNLOADS that's amazing!!! i love this game and i'm happy that so many others get to experience it as well, thank you for sharing your work!

i'm so excited for trophies, it sounds amazing. i love how you write weird weird girls i'm so looking forward to this!!!!!!